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Home Care Workers Deserve Guaranteed Benefits

Add your name to the Colorado Home Care Workers Bill of Rights today!


Home care workers have some of the highest workplace injury rates in the country (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics 2018)


Only 38% of home care workers in Colorado receive health insurance through their employer (PHI Workforce Data Center).

Colorado's home care workers care for Colorado, now we need to support them!
Join the fight!

Colorado’s home care workers provide essential skilled care for our loved ones. They work in physically and emotionally demanding jobs, but many go without the time or benefits to care for themselves or their families.

 Without adequate time or support to rest and be with their own families or recover when they get sick, home care workers are experiencing high levels of burnout, which impacts the quality of care and drives many to leave the field. 

With industry-wide minimum rights to paid sick time, vacation days, paid holidays off, and affordable health insurance for all home care workers, we can create a sustainable care system of thriving, healthy care providers for Coloradans and their families.

We are asking for your help to call on lawmakers to secure ALL of these rights:

Decision-Making Power
All of these rights depend on workers and their clients having the fundamental right to unite as leaders in care with the power to make decisions in how their industry is run.
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Guaranteed Liveable Wages
The right to liveable wages and travel compensation for all time worked; paid on time, every time.
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Protection from Bad Bosses
Strengthened enforcement of labor laws to ensure home care workers’ rights are protected and employers who commit wage theft or other violations are held accountable.
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A Workplace Free From Harm
The right to a clear and safe reporting system for home care workers who experience sexual harassment, assault, or discrimination on the job.
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Guaranteed Minimum Benefits
The right to a minimum number of vacation days, paid holidays off, and affordable health insurance for all home care workers.
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We are calling on every Colorado lawmaker to secure these rights for home care workers across our state:

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