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Colorado Home Care Workers Bill of Rights

Across our state, home care workers, predominantly women, many women of color and immigrants, provide skilled compassionate care that allows seniors and Coloradans with disabilities to live with dignity. But many care workers in our communities are so underpaid that they struggle to keep a roof over their families’ heads. 

Low pay, unsafe working conditions, and a lack of a voice in their industry are driving workers away in record-high numbers, creating a dire care worker shortage. At the same time, Colorado’s aging population, and the demand for care, is growing rapidly.

The way forward is clear: Care workers must have the power to come together to discuss their issues and have a voice in the solutions their industry needs to ensure accessible quality care for all Coloradans and quality jobs for those who provide it.

We are calling on every Colorado lawmaker to secure these rights for home care workers across our state:


Guaranteed Liveable Wages
The right to liveable wages and travel compensation for all time worked; paid on time, every time.


Protection from Bad Bosses
Strengthened enforcement of labor laws to ensure home care workers’ rights are protected and employers who commit wage theft or other violations are held accountable.


A Workplace Free From Harm
The right to a clear and safe reporting system for home care workers who experience sexual harassment, assault, or discrimination on the job.


Guaranteed Minimum Benefits
The right to a minimum number of vacation days, paid holidays off, and affordable health insurance for all home care workers.


Decision-Making Power
All of these rights depend on workers having the fundamental right to unite as leaders in care with the power to make decisions in how their industry is run.